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Dear Clients 

It is with heavy heart that I announce that after 11 years under my ownership, the Canine Sports Medicine Clinic will close 31st May 2015.

After 22 years as a vet, I have decided to move away from clinic work and to pursue other interests. You all know how much I enjoy working with you and your dogs and therefore this is a decision I have given careful consideration to.  

Because of Bank Holidays and staff annual leave there will be restrictions on certain days until we finish, that is we will not be able to do operations every day and also there may be early (and some later!) finishing times and god forbid some fridays. Also I may not take on certain cases if I cannot finish them. There will also be an opportunity to buy some extra supplies of drugs and bandages to help tide you over if you need then. Importantly we will not be doing any account work after April 30th. All transactions after May 21st will be cash, direct bank or cheque only as the card machine will have to go back. 

It would help if you can tell as many people as you know and it is helpful if the facts are kept straight, I am not ill, broke, dying or mad, just doing other things. 

Rachel has also taken this opportunity to start up her own business dog grooming and is all ready doing well 

Please read the attached questions and answers, which hopefully will help you to understand what will happen between now and the 31st May and after I have closed the clinic. 

I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for your loyalty and to wish you all the very best for the future.


Best wishes 

Richard Torr


Some Questions and Answers


Why are you closing?


My wife and I have been working hard to create the opportunity for a change of lifestyle which would not be possible if I continue to run the clinic.


Why have you not sold the business or employed another vet?


This clinic, the work, its customers and the way I run it are unique, to train someone else to take over and do things the way we all like them would take over a year. Also I don't want to have to recommend you use the services of someone inexperienced as it doesn't feel right.


What will happen to medical records and x-rays?


These are stored electronically and will be maintained for as long as the computers hold out, every paper invoice has the history of the treatment on it so as I have always said put them somewhere safe.


Can I still buy medicines and supplements, bandages etc?


One of the new ventures may be an online shop (under development so may not be available till later in the year) so you will be able to buy online, prescription medicines will be available only with a valid prescriptions


What if dog is on long term medications?


I can supply 6 to 12 months of drugs before I close, beyond that you will need to consult another vet.


What if I need advice on dog you have recently treated?


Again email I am unable the give ongoing advice beyond a reasonable time frame as I am retiring from full time veterinary work.


What is happening to clinic work?


For the foreseeable future I will not be running any clinics, the clinic will revert to a farm building.


Will you be doing any veterinary work in the future?


I cannot answer this in detail at this time. It may be possible that in the future I may be working within another practice or do mobile work but I have no plans to open another clinic. I will probably continue to do some writing and web based supply sales.


How do I get in contact with you for information?


I am effectively retiring from veterinary work and I will only answer questions about current cases for a reasonable period.


Can I get I contact with you in the future about advice on my dogs?


I hope that clients will respect that the reason for me stopping the clinic work is that I need a complete break. It is possible that a publication may wish to hire me to do a weekly or monthly q&a column you may wish to suggest that to the powers that be.





Welcome to the Canine Sports Medicine Clinic, independently owned and ran by vet of 20yrs Richard Torr, who has specialised experience in racing greyhounds, whippets, gun dogs, agility dogs and other sporting dogs.

Richard performs a detailed hands on examination to check soundness before competition or to diagnose source of lameness or poor performance.

At the clinic we have high frequency x-ray, revolutionising the diagnosis of sporting injuries, allowing us to see small fractures and foreign bodies.

Our anaesthetic facilities and dental equipment are also of the standard you would expect in a "high street" vets. We are aware of the special risks to sighthound patients. We perform routine operations on dogs such as neutering, dentals, stitch ups, lump removals and more complex surgeries, including minor orthopaedic procedures such as hock repairs. 

Rachel is the clinics qualified Veterinary Assistant who is responsible for nursing, anaesthetics and administration.

Our aim is to provide effective treatment at a realistic cost. If we can, we will perform treatment while you wait, saving many trips. Please see services for ideas on what can be done on the day, please let us know when you book so we can allow time. PLEASE also see: getting the most from your visit

Veterinary only medical treatments are available for muscle and joint injuries including steroid, anti arthritic and platelet rich plasma, again with documented success. 

The clinic also offers advice on other veterinary matters that affect canine performance, and offers a full range of blood and urine testing as well as advice on aspects of preventative health care. This includes vaccination, wormers, flea, mange and supplement products. Please see our shop for our full range of products.

Richard also sees retired dogs, and non sporting breeds for lameness and general problems. Currently we are one of the few "Dog Only" practices which helps keep our canine friends under control.

The practice is RCVS and VMD registered.


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